Make Attendance Management System Easier

With ARGUS Attendance Software, You are guranteed-

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    Your Trusted Partner for Simplified Attendance Management System

    Join the Effortless Attendance Revolution With ARGUS Web App

    Anywhere Attendance Made Easy

    Let your employees mark their attendance from anywhere with easy-to-use mobile web app

    Effective Real-Time Tracking

    Let your HR easily monitor and manage attendance records with real-time updates

    Processes with Automation

    Let automated attendance management save hours and efforts needed in manual tracking

    Enhance Employee Experience

    Let your people enjoy flexible work arrangements with convenient way to punch

    To Save 20+ Work Hours Per Week

    Invest in India’s New-Age Attendance Management Software

    Your Workplace. Your Way.

    Highly Accessible Attendance System

    Both mobile and desktop along with geotagging method made attendance marking and tracking extremely simple for workforce.

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